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Club Meadow

Left:Seamus and Maeve taking a break from playing.

Below Right:Valentino keeping my chair warm. so thoughtful!

Left: Meadow can't keep her eyes open after a day at daycare.

Above:Lucy and Charlie in a battle of Retrievers.

Below: Seamus, Maeve, Charlie and Molly hold a Retriever meeting.

Below:Stella seems to be spreading some gossip around the Club that Maeve hasn't heard.

Above:Boone and Koda wrestle

as Gizmo watches.

Left:Coltrane distracts Gizmo with the old "thorn in the paw" trick as Dakota grabs Gizzy from behind.

Left:Hunter and Peanut make faces at each other.

Below: Peanut steps over Hunter to give Yogi a kiss.

Below: Wilson and Boone tell jokes.

Below: Yogi and Moe share some quiet time.